It was so great to be invited back to the House and Garden Festival for a second time around. Last year it was all about neutrals and glamour so I thought that this year it should be all about colour. My favourite colour and a colour I often wear and use is blue. I wanted to explore the concepts of living in blue by immersing myself into a space that’s richly coloured. I’ve specifically attempted to match the walls and carpets to try and create a cocoon. This perfectly fits in with my room type which is a bedroom. We’ve centred the bed and created small spaces around the bed to enjoy the space. The artwork on the wall is particularly important as it adds another element to the space and lifts the design beyond the simple block colour that dominates the space. I wanted to test how I could focus in on one colour and combine this with mixed materials, to include rattan, walnut and adding warmth from the brass and gold accents around the room. I’ve also picked certain accessories that have pieces of precious lapis in them. Echoing the high and low that you can achieve when […]

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