Roselind Wilson is a London based luxury interior designer. This design studio has won multiple awards and work on projects around the world. I met Ros and her sister Geraldine at the South African Interior Designers breakfast and we got chatting, a few weeks later and I was at Ros’ studio learning more. Grant Pierrus Can you describe your interior design signature or style and what is unique about it? Ros Wilson: We don’t have a particular style but we’ve pinned it down to being more balanced and understated luxury, a lot more paired back that what you usually see. Our style used to be considered classic contemporary because a lot of our projects organically developed that way. We’re all about understanding the client. Our ethos is the interiors we create are extensions of self. We learn about and listen to our clients, understand their style and personality to create an interior that suits them. It turned out that many of our clients preferred a classic contemporary style. As our journey has progressed, we’ve had a diversity of clients that come to us from Kuwait, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, and London too. This international clientele has allowed us to design […]

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