In conversation with Michelle Mone


A few weeks ago I was invited to meet Michelle Mone. Quite daunting I have to admit, we were to discuss Michelle’s new venture into the interior design sector. We all know Michelle Mone as the supreme entrepreneur who founded Ultimo, the iconic lingerie company, and then sold it a few years ago after building a team of 63000. Michelle’s incredible achievements have also earned her the title, Baroness of Mayfair. So it was very appropriate to be heading to The Dorchester to meet Michelle on her turf. Grant Pierrus: When did you realize you had a passion for interiors and passion strong enough that you thought about building a business out of it? Michelle Mone: I’ve been a designer for 21 years at Ultimo but a technical designer, so not just the designer but an inventor too. I think that’s important. 17 inventions, 103 design registrations and innovation was key to building Ultimo. I built my first home 10 years ago and I didn’t want it to be the same as my friends, so I started to draw and work with a local interior designer and we got all the furniture made by the same suppliers as The Dorchester […]

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