The Difference Between Patios and Decks

Should you construct a patio or deck in your lawn? Just how do you recognize which one is ideal for you, your way of life and your home? And how can you differentiate them, anyhow?

For design beginners, let’s clarify this matter. Patio is a Spanish word, which indicates it is a yard of a residence or structure. A yard is generally an open room bordered by wall surfaces or various other frameworks or is a ground location beside a residence or a house.

A patio varies from a yard because it does not need to be bordered by wall surfaces. It’s comparable to a yard because it’s an open area that could be positioned straight on the ground.

Patios could be connected to a home or removed. They are commonly made and designed with the landscape of your house in mind. Patios are functional: they could tackle any kind of form and be developed with a range of products, such as concrete, pavers, rock, floor tile, block, stones, rock, or crushed rock. They can also include various furniture and added features like fountains and patio swings. A lot of outdoor patios are established on a concrete piece or a sand and stone base. Given that outdoor patios are developed at or around the ground degree, they do not need security barriers.

Decks are mainly constructed from timber or a composite timber product or plastic, like Trex. Popular timbers for outdoor decking consist of redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated ache. Appropriately taken care of, decks offer an appeal, unlike any other room. You could take a nap on a deck without a pillow and still be rather comfy.

Holiday House London Tickets for sale

Holiday House London

Holiday House London opens in early November and closes on the 10th December 2017. This phenomenal project is going to be one of the most exciting design shows this year. We have two mansions for you to explore, each room designed by a top interior designer with a few celebrity designers too. Holiday House London is an interior design showhouse, where interior designers showcase their talent to raise critical funds for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF). The showhouses are located at 59 & 61 Hamilton Terrace, London NW8 9RG. Both properties are available for sale. The showhouses will be open to the public from November 9th through December 10th 2017. Visitors can enter the houses from 11:00-17:00 Wednesday through Sunday and 11:00-19:00 on Thursdays. Visitors will be invited to explore the showhouses, meet the industry’s top interior designers and gain access to a carefully curated schedule of events such as panel discussions, pop-up shops and book signings. Tickets are available through Eventbrite. SHOWHOUSE DATES November 9th – December 10th 2017 OPENING HOURS Wednesday – Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00 Thursdays: 11:00 – 19:00

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Interior Styling with one of London’s top Stylists: EHG Home

interior stylist

I regularly talk about interior design, interior design brands and interior designers here on Interior Style Hunter. But there are many other interiors related businesses that I come across daily in the industry, one such profession is interior styling. For those not entirely clear on the difference between interior designers and interior stylists; think about fashion designers and fashion stylists. Stylists work with existing products and designs to style and enhance a space whilst designers create products from scratch. The purpose of interior styling is that often people have an eye for design and a nice selection of interiors items in their home or property but have little clue as to how to put it all together cohesively or how to maximise the space and style, this is where stylists exceed. They make a space completely Instagram worthy! Some stylists also turn their hand to Property Staging. This is something that is relatively new to the UK market and where interior stylists can really see benefits from their work. It’s similar to styling however it is focused on the property sales market. Estate agents and landlords often hire a staging company to ‘dress’ the property in order to showcase it in the best […]

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Interior Style Hunter interviews Peter Humphrey & Louisa Blackmore of Humphrey Munson

In the last few years, Humphrey Munson has leapt to the forefront of the British kitchen industry with their contemporary take on classic English design. Eschewing the usual kitchen design company format with sales teams and display-only showrooms, Humphrey Munson have blazed a trail with their design led approach and live kitchen spaces at their showrooms in St. Albans, Hertfordshire and Felsted, Essex, so much so that walking into a showroom feels like walking into a real home. I caught up with Peter Humphrey, Design Director, and Louisa Blackmore, Creative Director to find out more… Grant Pierrus: How did Humphrey Munson begin? Peter Humphrey: I started the company back in 1995 after years of honing my trade in cabinetmaking. I often get asked about the name “Humphrey Munson” – it comes from my surname Humphrey, and Joseph Munson – my great-great-grandfather who was a master cabinetmaker in the late 1800s in the east end of London. It’s my passion for traditional joinery techniques that underpins everything we do and although I love our heritage in this field, we love to innovate and evolve as a company, especially in the workshop. GP: As the Design Director and Founder of H|M, what does your role […]

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Peter Linnett Sculptures

I was recently introduced to the work of sculptor extraordinaire Peter Linnett. Peter is based in London and worked for many, many years in antique restoration and this has probably been the biggest influence on his work. He creates functional sculpture, meaning that you can use it as furniture, but they are truly pieces of art. Linnett uses materials that age with dignity and even goes as far to say he welcomes the ageing process as these add to the charm, appeal and timelessness of his artworks. Making them collectables around the globe. He has received incredible worldwide acclaim and has shown his work in art galleries and exhibitions around the world from London, to Los Angeles and Shanghai. As well as in homes of some of Hollywood’s elite! Perhaps what makes his sculptures perennial is also the mythology and legends that guides his work and is ultimately the ‘theme’ of his furniture. With pieces such as Zeus, Dragon, Phoenix and Unicorn it’s no wonder the world is intrigued. Mythology is apparent in every culture and transcends locations, age, sex, history and so much more therefore as people we are fascinated by myths and they provide a wonderful talking point […]

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Exploring the best Cape Town property with Knight Frank

cape town property

Cape Town is the jewel city of South Africa, it’s natural beauty attracts beautiful people, and along with them, art and design. The way that people live in Cape Town is almost wholly centred around beauty. Homes are designed to make the most of the mountain or sea views, and indoors, the owners collect and showcase the best design and art that South Africa and the world has to offer. I lived here for 7 years, and living beautifully was part of life. Thanks to Instagram, I got to know Richard Hardie who heads up the Atlantic Seaboard office of Knight Frank. He very kindly offered to show me some incredible properties. Starting off in Hout Bay, we visited a gorgeous 4 bedroom family home set high above the bay. The views were incredible and the house itself, a perfect family retreat in the suburbs. It’s currently on sale (do click through and see all the images) for ZAR9.5mil which is roughly £550k, your money goes a lot further here in South Africa. The next property was situated in Clifton, the most glamorous of the suburbs in Cape Town. Clifton is a hotspot for international buyers who acquire the often architecturally masterpieces […]

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In conversation with Michelle Mone


A few weeks ago I was invited to meet Michelle Mone. Quite daunting I have to admit, we were to discuss Michelle’s new venture into the interior design sector. We all know Michelle Mone as the supreme entrepreneur who founded Ultimo, the iconic lingerie company, and then sold it a few years ago after building a team of 63000. Michelle’s incredible achievements have also earned her the title, Baroness of Mayfair. So it was very appropriate to be heading to The Dorchester to meet Michelle on her turf. Grant Pierrus: When did you realize you had a passion for interiors and passion strong enough that you thought about building a business out of it? Michelle Mone: I’ve been a designer for 21 years at Ultimo but a technical designer, so not just the designer but an inventor too. I think that’s important. 17 inventions, 103 design registrations and innovation was key to building Ultimo. I built my first home 10 years ago and I didn’t want it to be the same as my friends, so I started to draw and work with a local interior designer and we got all the furniture made by the same suppliers as The Dorchester […]

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Interior Style Hunter Interviews Ros Wilson of Roselind Wilson Design

Roselind Wilson is a London based luxury interior designer. This design studio has won multiple awards and work on projects around the world. I met Ros and her sister Geraldine at the South African Interior Designers breakfast and we got chatting, a few weeks later and I was at Ros’ studio learning more. Grant Pierrus Can you describe your interior design signature or style and what is unique about it? Ros Wilson: We don’t have a particular style but we’ve pinned it down to being more balanced and understated luxury, a lot more paired back that what you usually see. Our style used to be considered classic contemporary because a lot of our projects organically developed that way. We’re all about understanding the client. Our ethos is the interiors we create are extensions of self. We learn about and listen to our clients, understand their style and personality to create an interior that suits them. It turned out that many of our clients preferred a classic contemporary style. As our journey has progressed, we’ve had a diversity of clients that come to us from Kuwait, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, and London too. This international clientele has allowed us to design […]

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KitchenAid launch their new Black Steel Range

Last week saw the launch of KitchenAid’s latest and maybe greatest new product range, the BlackSteel range of appliances. The new Black Steel appliance range is a step in the right direction for this brand. Their products are truly luxurious and this range is proving to the market that they understand what the luxury consumer and designer is looking for. It is the sexiest and most design savvy of their appliances to date. Black Steel is ultimately a range of pure black stainless steel kitchen appliances including ovens, microwaves and fridges. The stainless steel is not coated to be black, but is inherently black, this is a first of its kind. This range really pushes the design limits in the best way possible. Black is a bold colour but so current at the moment. We associate black with luxury and timelessness and that’s exactly what Black Steel is. These products make a design statement in any kitchen and will be the focal point of the room. Gone are the days of white fridges trying to be hidden, this range should stand loud and proud within your kitchen and form part of the design concept. Each offers not only a professional […]

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Living in Blue, The Interior Style Hunter Roomset at the House and Garden Festival

It was so great to be invited back to the House and Garden Festival for a second time around. Last year it was all about neutrals and glamour so I thought that this year it should be all about colour. My favourite colour and a colour I often wear and use is blue. I wanted to explore the concepts of living in blue by immersing myself into a space that’s richly coloured. I’ve specifically attempted to match the walls and carpets to try and create a cocoon. This perfectly fits in with my room type which is a bedroom. We’ve centred the bed and created small spaces around the bed to enjoy the space. The artwork on the wall is particularly important as it adds another element to the space and lifts the design beyond the simple block colour that dominates the space. I wanted to test how I could focus in on one colour and combine this with mixed materials, to include rattan, walnut and adding warmth from the brass and gold accents around the room. I’ve also picked certain accessories that have pieces of precious lapis in them. Echoing the high and low that you can achieve when […]

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